Coding System for credited courses

Coding System

The uniform coding system for courses from the Ministry of Education consists of a six-character code and a course title.

The Characters

The first three characters of the uniform coding system for prescribed courses by the Ministry are included in the course description and appear in the course code tables. The school administration may add additional characters.


The first three characters indicate the subject.


The fourth character of the code refers to the course grade level:

1 – 9th grade
2 – 10th grade
3 – 11th grade
4 – 12th grade
A – 7th grade / 8th grade

Alternatively, it refers to the level of skills targeted by a course, such as Linguistic Updating in French (ALF): FFA

B – Level 1
C – Level 2
D – Level 3
E – Level 4


The fifth character of the code refers to the course category authorized by a framework program:

7 – 7th grade course
8 – 8th grade course
D – Theoretical
P – Applied
O – Open
L – Course developed at the local level
U – Pre-university
M – Pre-university / pre-college
C – Pre-college
E – Pre-employment


The sixth character of the code refers to the course type:

1 – Daytime course
3 – Correspondence course
5 – Summer course
9 – Evening course
T – TET course
A – Advanced Placement course
M – MHS course
C – Cooperative education course (one credit)
2 – Cooperative education course (two credits)
D – Double-credit recognition course
E – E-learning
I – International Baccalaureate
R – Credit recovery course
X, Y, Z – Technological course